GST Bill A Hollow Promise Akin to Retrieving Black Money Stashed Overseas?


Will the likes of criminal banker TM Bhasin lording it over in the Central Vigilance Commission and Prime Minister Modi’s enemy within – his cabinet – Arun Jaitley succeed in killing the public sector banks by their repeated assaults and thus cause the premature death of the still-born GST regime?

A lot of song and dance is being made out about FM Arun Jaitley succeeding in getting the Gone-Gress to cooperate. India’s electoral compulsions had isolated Sonia’s flock and the BJP top brass claiming credit over the GST bill only stamped on a dead snake.

Readers may deduce the answers to the above queries by carefully reading the following paragraphs.


The buzzword is that the India’s US$2 trillion economy’s current annual growth rate of 7% will go up by 2 percentage points. Some 75 lakh [7.5 million] businesses will be covered by the tax.

The unanimity in the assent…

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