Is Raghuram Rajan Moody’s agent in India? – S. Murlidharan

Bharata Bharati

Raghuram Rajan

S. Murlidharan“Raghuram Rajan has clearly crossed the lakshman rekha [with his sanctimonious sermon at the Delhi IIT convocation ceremony]. He might have American pedigree, … and thus might have gone public with his empathy for the American rating agency, but he must realize that is not kosher. … He is as much a government servant as the Revenue Secretary or for that matter any other government employee. His job is to enunciate and implement monetary policy, period.” – S. Murlidharan

Moody's Investors ServiceThe American credit rating agency Moody’s has advised India to mind the perceived, incipient problem of religious and cultural intolerance before it gets out of hand. Though it is clearly being influenced by the jaundiced eye views of a minuscule section of the Indian intelligentsia, it is exaggerating stray happenings as the orchestrated norm across the country.

The boot is on the other leg; it is these intellectuals who are being led by…

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