Hypocrisy of the Indian Left: Anti-Hindu and anti-‘fascist’-Modi – David Frawley

Bharata Bharati

Vamadeva Shastri / David Frawley“The anti-Hindu Left retains a strong place in journalism and academia, which became entrenched during the long period of the Congress rule. We must remember that India’s Left holds positions far to the left of mainstream liberal political parties in the West, and uses the rhetoric of the communist era. The Left is upset that it is losing power since Modi’s unexpected landslide election in 2014 and will do what it can to discredit his attempts to benefit the country.” – Dr David Frawley

Narendra ModiIf one examines the charge of fascist in the media and press of India, it is a standard term of abuse against the RSS and its associates, notably the BJP and now Prime Minister Narendra Modi, extending to almost any Hindu affirmative organisation. It is seldom used for any other political group or religion, not even for recognised terrorist organisations like the ISIS.

This is…

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