My second set of questions to the Hon’ble Prime Minister.



My second set of questions to the Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Dear Reader, I know the Hon’ble Prime Minister is busy with Bihar elections and is devoting a part of his time to Bihar elections.
He is concerned the whole world is waiting to have a glimpse of him and Bihar elections involve a great sacrifice on his part. He has a brilliant galaxy of ministers and beaurocrats making his stay in India wholly dispensable.
My questions are primarily intended to allow him to stay far away from home. A few minutes about two per question should be enough; of course that is feasible when the answer is nothing but plain truth. Concocting plausible lies does take some time even for the unusually bright Prime minister of India.
In this set of questions I am concentrating on the gross misfeasance of the Prime Minister, his colleagues and the Party as a whole with our Army jawans, again a case of cruel breach of faith insulting and hurtful to those who lay down their life for the security and survival of India as a Vibrant free Nation.
Question 1: Since when in the history of India has the demand popularly summarized as ‘One Rank One Pension’ been vociferously raised by the brave jawans of India? Surely long before you thought of being India’s Prime Minister an unusual raise from a one State Chief Minister of Gujarat to the Prime Minister of 29 States constituting the Indian Nation. Is it not true that all that this demand of India’s defenders and their widows is just a few thousand crores in Indian Currency.
Question 2: When you decided to wage an almost impossible battle for becoming India’s Prime Minister, you did realize the importance of the votes of our jawans and their pending demands?
Question 3: Did you at any time either in your election manifesto or oral speeches tell the jawans that you will not accept their demands in full. In fact you promised full satisfaction. Your manifesto amongst ten items under the heading External Security mentioned ‘implement One Rank One Pension’ without any qualification.
Question 4: Did you in your Red Fort Speech on August 15th, 2015 declare that the demand has been accepted in principle?
Question 5: Did you by any clear words even hint that your declared acceptance is subject to veto by the Finance Minster declaring that the cost is too heavy for his Government?
Question 6: Did you use the following words which were heard by one Veteran who was on fast until death- “let me assure all veterans- we are committed and we are in final stages of deciding”?
Question 7: Some veterans were aghast at your lack of complete clarity in one or two sentences and they expressed their resentment. Did you tell them that your demand will be met only if Finance Minister is able to find 10,000 Crores more in his kitty?
Question 8: Do you admit that in a speech delivered by you on September 15th at the Ex-Servicemen Men’s rally in Rewari you proudly proclaimed – “ this land has always created a centenary of martyrdom whether it was the war of Thrissur or of Kargil…No one can imagine this land is of such brave men and heroes!!”
Question 9: Did you then praise and thank god for having given you an opportunity to be in the midst of the jawans: “it is some sign from god” you said.
Are you not embarrassed that now you will cause misery to those great children of India because your Finance Minister can’t find the 12000 crores to pay our defenders?
Question 10: Has not the great social worker and moral leader Anna Hazare complained to you about your unfair dealings with the jawans. In no ambiguous words he has accused the BJP of reneging on the poll promise of implementing the One Rank One Pension. Do you require a more respectable yet polite citizen of India to tender you good advice?
Question 11: Has he not drawn your attention to what even the UPA government at a high level meeting of Defence officials on the 26th February, 2014 decided to accept and implement this demand in full. Did we commit a mistake in substituting you in their place? By the way there are two ministers in your cabinet whose integrity I fully accept. One is Suresh Prabhu our Railway Minister and the other Shri. Manohar Parrikar our Defence Minister. I would like to hear what they have to say on your surrender to a Finance Minister who has allowed (six thousand three hundred ) 6300 crores of black money in cash to be sent out of India through the Ashok Vihar Branch of the Bank of Baroda to a bank in Hong Kong. It all started in July 2014 after Amritsar defeated Arun Jaitley became our Finance Minister. Thanks to your irrational fondness for him.
More about this later!!

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