Mount Everest – Highest mountain in the world

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Climbing Mount Everest puts you at the top of the world. Learn the facts about climbing Mount Everest. 

The lowest temperature on the peak is -40°C (-40°F); with wind chill -60°C (-76°F)!

Coldest month: February — average -27°C (-17°F) over 7,500m

Warmest month: August — average -20°C (-4°F) over 7,500m

Snow line: From 5,300m (17,400 ft) there’s snow and ice all year.

The death zone in mountaineering is above 8,000m (26,000 ft), where oxygen is insufficient to sustain human life (25% that of sea level). 844m of Everest is in the death zone.

Mount Everest. The tallest mountain in the world soars almost five and a half miles into the sky and pierces the jet stream with its iconic summit. Mount Everest, known as the highest mountain in the world, Everest stretches along the border of Nepal and Tibet/China in southern Asia. It is  29,035 feet above sea level. It…

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