Nehru’s spymasters played a role in the Netaji cover-up – Anuj Dhar

Bharata Bharati

Anuj Dhar“The bogey of India’s relations with foreign countries being spoiled is raised to prevent the Central government from taking any decision regarding the declassification [of the Netaji files]. This bluff needs to be called and the government must not allow Congress-inspired propaganda to succeed. … Government of India has robust ties with countries like Russia and UK, and there is no reason why these countries [should] not talk about the Netaji mystery. What is required is sincere effort. So far, no proper effort was made in this regard.” – Anuj Dhar

Rajnath SinghTop Indian spymasters including B.N. Mullick, Ram Nath Kao and M.L. Hooja played a major role in the cover-up of the mysterious disappearance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. The declassified files of the West Bengal government have indicated that the various intelligence agencies were snooping on members of Netaji’s family as well as his associates, primarily to ascertain whether he…

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